Coming to counselling

Do people seek therapy because they feel grounded, content or at peace?

No, more often than not an aspect of life has become unmanageable, or a long dormant issue continues to disrupt equanimity and everyday strategies are no longer working to keep it at bay or at least, "managed". Subtle signs of this could include the need to engage in behaviours that appear to nullify symptoms such as excessive alcohol and other drugs, sexual behaviours, gambling and shopping that can place relationships and financial stability at risk. So that's not to say that any of the latter are bad or good, just have they overtaken life, become unmanageable or cause serious health and emotional repurcussions.

I'm interested in helping you understand your behaviour, not heaping further judgement upon where it comes from and why you "cannot just get rid of it" as clients often tell me they would like to. I'm also interested in the judgements. Where do they come from and what is the payoff for buying into them. These may be making you feel like you are the worst person in the world which simply is unlikely you are number 7 billion in the hierarchy of humanity! In time, recognising the issues and challenges we all face allows for compassion to arise, which permits a greater inner capacity for the strength and will to change what previously felt unchangeable.

Not everyone shows up because life has lost balance or become unsustainable along its current trajectory. Many clients, whether consciously or unconsciously, seek a deeper and greater fulfillment in their existence - something often interpreted as the spiritual. Here sessions can help unlock how this needs to unfold, or help you get out of your own way to allowing forces of love and truth to dynamically unfold for themselves.

So whatever brings you here, a first session is the space to unpack it, talk, allow the narrative of what has brought you here to be heard. The therapeutic relationship is largely regarded as the greatest contributor to change, so this time is also to work out what that looks like and explore whether we are the right people to work together in the way.

Therefore a first session is optimally 90min, but up to you what feels right. Later sessions can be determined by mutual agreement.

Please feel free to contact me to book a session and ask whatever questions you like in advance of a booking. At the end of the first session, we can review how it was for you and address changes and adjustments as needed.